shark infested waters

markin’, sharkin’, shurkin’ in the dark an’
misinterpretin’ reams and streams of
free flowin’ conversate, for a
chemist’s tree #

reactions miss taken ly #
captured, it’s the dialectin’ diction,
an aperture of rapture,
listenin’ to speck tack you liar #
vernacular sanctions.

you’re not a part, of
this splendid faction
not even a fraction of
your actin’ plays, for interaction:
you’re just a reaction, contracting.

don’t try to be, don’t try to be me,
didacting my fate;
attacking my faith;
don’t claim to be the egg,
the golden goose laid.

thinking you are knowing,
by gnawing and falling,
balling? more like boring.
coursing my path, you poor thing,
factoring I’m just feathered weight –

Wait! subtracting points from
your soul mate score,
Wait! subtracting points from your
Soul, mate, score!
or is that a sore point?

let me show you
Show me a picture,
cry me a river
get it over already, whatever
backbone it takes.

Somebody stop me,
keep up the practice:
got him wrapped
because I’m stacked with milk,
I’m solar powered and intergalactic,

convict of dereliction,
stereotypic ya’ll #
not my affliction
but it burns me son,
being the only one
can’t say the word
it’s not neither,
not here nor is it there
whatever it is,
it’s lame.

dirty flicker of angel lick her #
and he will have a
hunk of freshly ground –
I doubt it,

it would seem
he wears the trousers:
I belong to someone,
he knows my name,
turns my heart oops upside,

my head insane,
and he has claim.

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