this isn’t gentleman’s cricket

creamy legs
whistling in the wind
cutting air like a wet
knife through sin
triangulating moles
and a mix of tricks
as the Persian puffs out
an holistic wick,
sloping out
sloping in,
he slips,
eyelash curls
rolling into sockets
consciousness pools
into a solid lick
lipsing and tipsing,
he tightens his grip,
he is king
and mirroring thickets,
traipsing and aching
a healthy wicket,
this is it,
his soul is whipped
and he exits.

3 thoughts on “this isn’t gentleman’s cricket

  1. The body of a woman is a treasure more valuable than what the media has convinced us. Subconsciously everyone knows it’s worth: hence the reason no one gasps when a man jogs down the street with his shirt off, but if a woman does, something causes them to. Why strip clubs, even as degrading as they are, charge men to come in and see forbidden beauty.

    Every woman is a gem.
    Kate isn’t the only princess on the planet.
    I’m one, you’re one, every woman is one.

    Even if you don’t know it yet.


  2. I pray that they do girl. Hopefully more eyes see my blog. I have such a heart for people, but I have a special place for ladies like myself who have handed their hearts over right and left to guy after guy and have experienced heart-break after heart-break. I want to use all the mistakes I’ve made as lessons to my fellow priceless gems, so they don’t get on or continue down the path I once took. If you know anyone that would benefit from such a blog, please spread the word. I was watching the Bachelorette last night for one of my new posts and I cried with the poor gal. She went through 25 men and at the end of her journey (they showed a sneak peek of the last episode) she said, “This isn’t fair. I hate this. I feel so alone in this journey and my heart is completely broken.” My have I been there…several times. Too many of us are out there getting our hearts trampled on, desperate for love, but going about attaining it in all the wrong ways. Well, if I can reach the hearts and minds of even one woman, my blog is an utter success! God bless-Natasha


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