my angular

I’m tired, the kids are sleeping
losing faith, hating the fate,
the wait, the semi-sketched purple slate,
hours disintegrate,
shaving minutes into non-existence
on a time-grate.

Interrogate latent cribs,
integrate feathers and broken nibs:
it used to be dibs,
I cremated her in a shallow grave,
Prince Charming is just a useless
vague knave.

It’s about you, not about You,
I can’t forget, a foolish mess,
sub-conscious in a sub-set.
Don’t be so valiant or arrogant,
you’re seldom self-
sufficient, cue the bipolar blue.

Natural nonchalant efficacy,
reading minds blind,
plucking idioms
from the ether,
malicious fallacy and then,
Why did you meet her?

Where is the etiquette, see?
I want my curtsey
Isn’t that common courtesy?
You’re just being fallacious
Actually, I’m being salacious.
Check yourself. And your status.

Complementary auditory,
auditing curtain-drawn
events, you’re a speck of
actual non-sense
dusting next to nothing
in arid commentary.

It’s a sickness, outright lie,
clicking metronome of
stillness, blunder of thunder
storms rain me down daily
clouds angry and set on
making his footprints in my sky.

Beating on the world and my shy,
guy is empirical,
fails to fall to logistical trends,
egotistical, test ickle mends,
mind bends, the distance is a miracle,
lyrical heathen steals my breath.

One thought on “my angular

  1. Your poetry is always so cutting and vivid

    This piece tells a tale of deep grief and torment…of betrayal and injustice…

    Really left me feeling a void needs to be healed…

    Excellent work x


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