Knock Knock

Common-sense, malleable dents,
Neat thoughts, mechanism: defence,
Black and white, mind-strength,
Kept him at arm’s length,
As the sun hung deep in the sky.

Can’t let you in, says brain within,
Heart seeping with broken sin,
Complications hiding in bearskin,
Drowning in a head spin,
Water waving green passing by.

Gently tapping, Laputian hammer,
Relentless emotion guiding grammar,
Words stutter and voices stammer,
White rabbit in white glamour,
Lips met, and she breathed.

13 thoughts on “Knock Knock

    1. yes: trying to decipher the other person it’s a prickly situation, glad you like the image, I wasn’t going to use it as the spacing is not quite right but then, the first kiss is an awkward moment as well right so it kinda fits all together!


    1. you’ve perfectly described it in a nutshell “logic wars with love” i would hope love wins on more occasions than logic!


    1. Thank you! I was wondering if it was a little short but thought I would leave it at that and let imagination do the rest!


  1. “oh dead oh dear..i shall be too late.” says the white rabbit. And there goes Alice following.


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