Method | Madness

[let me breathe one time
your prayers are blind
with vanity, hush, hush

Don’t speak,
I know just what you’re saying,
So please stop explaining
Don’t tell me ‘cos it hurts
Don’t speak,
I know what you’re thinking
And I don’t need your reasons

Hush, hush, darlin’,
human race amounts to death
if you get left behind]

Circle of misfortune,
missed fortune sustains
the blame for dis (-) inheritance
to lay Their claim.

Inconsistent tinctures,
ultra-violent stripes
screaming longevity,
death is living
in a fakely littered life,

I’m a cat, er, pillar
against the purple rage,
crippling rippling streams
across the rocks,
entangled with grey age.

I cater for pillars,
hearting a faithful five,
trying to live a religious
etiquette, reflecting hatred
in ostracised eyes.

I am a caterpillar
an inner being to whom?

I’m mortal icing [I’m mortalising, immortalising, sic – sick!]
a soft-focused lens,
revenge, wrapped up in a
cupcake, Eat me.

Are you ready for the bass?

my chaotic satanic mutinous scandals,
his scrutiny serves aces and red faces,
fatal for me, ignoring voiced embraces,
and words, he erases and encases
in visible mazes, filled with disgraces.

my irrationality, negative mentality,
his Albert-inspired capability,
non-existent hostility, is he disguising
inaccessibility as vulnerability
because civility is a disability;
Don’t want to be snedged, allow it!

Catherine runs across the manor
To save herself from falling fifty feet
Man-da-tory boyz, we roll deep
Plunging necklines, they still creep
Smack that!

Crimson bleeds.

Dropping lines like black and white caricature,
No humour, it’s roundabout curvature
What an amateur!

Go directly to bail, jail, fail, again
Now, words and poetry are my medicine,
Drink me, S becomes s and The in the End,
slashneck nightmares,
baby, it was self-defence…

a brook bubbles and babbles to the sea, free, free, free.

ink is free, so...

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