It’s autocracy,
I’m a broken monarchy
not wanted by Socrates, anyway,

I’m not a robot,
though you like to
will, that I AM.

Writing words with no hands
cursor freeflows, freefalls,
filled with a meta

narrative you can’t know
unless you met her,
but she won’t let ya.

Never understood
loose screws,
horseshoes can’t save me now.

Rabbit foot died,
tied around my wrists
with fishing hooks.

Too many cooks,
politics brewed in the past,
last in the queue for fate

Non responsive state,
of Kuwait,
kills my patience,

stationed in a portion of my brain
stained, Vanish won’t kill it,
spill it, enough of the games.

Figure this ish out,
mould growing on grout,
damp smells like dead mangoes,

plucked from the petals,
of the yucca tree,
poisoned like she,

who, spaces later, loses malice
down the dimensional,
dementable blue hue parachute,

thinking pretty white petticoats,
red-tipped tanned wings.
Bee stings and dies,

I sit here and cry,
in a cold sunshine,
lost a smile that lit up coal-mines.

Aching biceps, triceps, quadriceps,
neck at a wrong angle,
unclicking shoulders.

Mould her, it’s not so hard,
like plasticine, seen, scene
in Wendy’s House,

playdoh tastes nicer than it seems
bloated fail whale,
just about swim

broken and fitless, skinless,
flesh rouched against icebergs.

Bleeding, scheming,
my life is a mime,
abhorrent crime.

Too despicable me to define,
evil genius always has a peninsular,
managing the lunar

against rusting capillaries,
shouting at the military,
so far from home.

4 thoughts on “Soldier

  1. Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate feedback and it struck a chord with you which is awesome!


  2. You.. are a GENIUS.. and I honestly mean that Saiqa! Everything about it, the rhymes, the linking of a word from a last line with one from the next first line.. just WOW.


    1. I am not often called a genius but I am liking the sound of it! The poem started off accidentally as a rambling note on my phone whilst I was on my way to work. I love that you love, makes me a happy bunny indeed!


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