Closing all the doors, raucous laughter exploding extreme unease, disease inflicts the maddening slandering voices beneath, my skull, false sense of serenity, sincerity pulls in security, lulls mutinous mutating factions that dull the yellow you wanted me to be, unwanted scandals and flitting bees, you were with birds making honey, so far as the imaginary eye could see. Let the token broken bird fly into the fixated breeze, exploring destination, an emancipated standing ovation dream. Beyond the stars, stares, stairs to heaven everyone pleas please, I want to steal, he wants to shield, a witty sky-crossed c’est la vie.  A happy covalent juxtaposition against railings overlooking waters of the green parade, unexpected dissection divide her devoid attention, disaffixation, apparent asphyxiation, lipsing life, a waltzing smiling serenade.

Recapturing the moment, encapsulated in a fervent vacuum, vented, scented memories fermenting, cementing the rose that meant something, growing from the concrete. Groves of neroli jasmine scent your hands, and diamonds glitter glimmer shimmer shammer upon your cheek, but this isn’t Twilight. Satsuma and cinnamon sticks infuse and invoke, provoke, intoxicating incensing senses, tenses combine, mending and merking chirpsing lenses in blind minds.  You attempt to pierce the silver taped casing, see behind hazy laser eyes, taser, pilfer, strip, me of my perniciously impervious pertinent disguise. Stop. Silence. Listen. The wind catches us like a kite, ribboned bows billowing in snowy flaky pink blossoming petals taking flight. Surmise. Ask precious life for protective advice for once it’s not suicide.

You spy me through a looking-glass, the pane separates a you and I unrecognised, a reflection stained upon long-term memory like rainbow stained glass of yore centuries. Steadily, interlocking, interlinking, syncing and kissing inverted palm, calming the qualms and arms reaching out annihilating the past.

Hands that can pass GO, play Monopoly and Scrabble with me waiting for all the rest of time to surpass the last supper, fast without sunrise and set, the first day we met.

You place me on a rock, a pretend dock, gold clock stopped, knock knock, locked, bays floating in fountains fly by, you are right by side, you are right as much as I, you are right.

I’m learning to open the windows, and I change into my sandals.

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