Blinded diamond studded stained honey doe-eyed romance
Causing happy chaotic pandemonium in a world of circumstance
Dyslexic joints chain-saw’d, veins spurting vexed at the seams

Thread-reel bare-knuckled rides and nemesis night-dreams
Severed fingers releasing petals from skylights on poetic parole
Dandelions like snowflakes like bubbles like magnets on polar poles

Niggling necromancing at perpendicular jagged-edged sword-in’t-stone
Dialectic disparate dysphoria hunting compassed paths on the lone
Tiger eyes encrusted on the emancipated lance of the armoured knave

Reading exponential essential nonsensical synonymic syllables enslaved
Red flowers collected on the imbued yellow crested chest of a unicorn
Stars in a thousand millenia mixing light years with a thunderstorm.

One thought on “Dinosaur

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