Something Else

You make me want to spit rhymes
I never even knew existed
if perhaps I had persisted
in rejecting creative
and kept affecting
instead of ejecting
afflicting the restricted

crying tears over
spilt milk and ripped silk
numbing use-
less pains
trying from scratch
all over again
waiting in vain

for golden oint-
ments of wisdom
a-noint me with the
fume escaping the
few allow your fake condo-

switch off the
in a verbal sense
it’s about your

I get where you’re coming from but where am I going
unable to scatter my words with
power or shatter the pre-
tense of pre-
penetrating con-
notes so deep
your decisional culture
is it a delusional sculpture
refer an i-dea to keep
and revere
can’t beat out all the lyrics from my head inside of here

ink is free, so...

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