In regards to politics and religion, groups of people claim to hold transcending truth(s) that will ultimately produce a utopian society. This notion of ‘truth’ is essential to our perceptions of reality and thus, the ways in which we come to understand ‘reality’ itself, is the key area of this discussion.

Chapter 1 will take us through the origins of knowledge, truth and reality and will be explored in relation to the grand narratives of Jean-Francois Lyotard, and the reality simulations of Jean Baudrillard.

Chapter 2 relates the background of Islam in its historical context, and the results of unity and fragmentation during the religion’s emergence. Arabic terms are used to continue the ‘Islamic reality’, these terms are explained within the body of the text and can also be found in the Glossary.

Chapter 3 discusses the concepts of the death of God in relation to Friedrich Nietzsche’s “The Madman” (See Appendix 4). The material and spiritual ways of life that are pursued in Islam and the West are contrasted in order to set up the political base of the next section.

Chapter 4 incorporates the war between Iraq and the global ‘Coalition’ consisting of the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The ideology of the Islamic fundamentalist belief system is compared with the nature of fundamentalism in Western democracy. This leads us into further discussions regarding our perceived reality(-ies).

The final section discusses the implications of ‘reality’ in terms of our original concepts of knowledge and truth. The future of Western and Islamic societies are discussed in relation to globalisation, which then leads to the conclusion of the truth value of the reality principle.

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