Early Mornings

My head is confuddled with an ache that draws from my skull to my nosebone.  The pain emanates and spreads across my forehead like a diseased cancer, eating up my braincells as it travels at the speed of light between my hemispheres.  My pupils dilate as I try to stay awake in my momentary fantasy of gusto.  Too late.  My eyes are feeling drowsy and the weight of my eyelashes, not dissimilar to glacial icicles, are gravitationally forced towards the ground.  Ultimately, the darkness inside my interior mind consumes me and I find bliss in an eternal sleep.

DING!  Suddenly, the vehicle halts at its designated location.

EEEEK!! It’s my stop!

OH MY GOD! Quick before the bus moves again.

ARGH! Have I got everything?

<looks behind at the seat one final time>

Thank you, Driver I mumble as I tear towards the sliding doors tripping over my feet as my unzipped laptop-come-handbag is falling off my shoulder.  Out pops my purse and loose change (of the important kind) scatters across the lower deck wheeling underneath seats and feet and prams.  Juuuuuuuust brilliant!  I want to shrink to the size of a tomato seed and wallow in my sad tomato tears.

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