Beating about the Bush

So there is a way of doing things and a way in which things are not meant to be done. It strikes me as highly ridiculous that the truth cannot be divulged in a manner ascribed to as being ‘normal’, why one has to meander through unnecessary rapids avoiding large boulders instead of just using the bridge to cross the river, is something it looks like I will never come to comprehend.

One should not be afraid to wear a life jacket, even if it is horrendously unfashionable and blinding to the eye in a not-so-quite fetching Satsuma hue.

If you have something to say, say it. Otherwise, a lot of energy, effort, time and wordage is wasted for no reason other than one does not have the bollocks to say what they mean, and mean what they say in a reversal of fortunes of course, in a method understandable between the two people or parties concerned.

If one chooses words wisely and carefully, Oxford Dictionary to hand people, language can be appropriated from a delectable mass of words at one’s disposal. This would result in conjuring a means of respect and etiquette, so even if one has some god awful news to deliver, it shan’t be so god awfully overwhelming for the recipient as the delivery of said news would be undertaken in an empathetic and thought out manner and any miscellaneously minor disagreements can be ironed out maturely.

Don’t just create a far-fetched web of lies, this is a proven method of stupidity, source Chris Bates and The Apprentice UK Season 6 and wanting to procure the Blue Book. Yes, he got what he wanted in the end but it was a self-confessed shambles. Result: you look like an idiot.

Don’t bestow best-wishes to the associated party and feign love and adulation, it’s fake, and the only possible quality worse than beating about the bush, is someone who is completely fake. Result: you still look like an idiot, and worse, you are observed as being a fool for thinking you can fool the person you are trying to fool.

For goodness sake, grow some balls, be a wo-/man and chat straight.

One thought on “Beating about the Bush

  1. There lies a huge problem with the human race.
    Those that call “a spade a spade” are marked with the “rude” brush, but those who use fakeness are ignored and far worse – praised.

    I would rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I am not.

    Once again, top quality post.


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