…Just another day

Whilst, once again, staring into the monotony of the grey(er) office, I would love to instinctively shut down the laptop, scream goodbye in the shrillest voice old Mrs Bennett can muster and leave. Promptly, and quite permanently.

…Come on now, let’s not be hasty!

Therefore in replacement of this most exciting non-inevitable non-event, I find myself constrained to the working hours of the day, humming along to songs in my head to try – in order to gain some kind of satisfaction from the gruesomely dull (dull – repetition for emphasis) bAnAaLiTy of my job – to rapidly stretch the seconds into minutes and hours and surprise myself that it’s actually quite late in the day and much nearer to ‘hometime’ than I had initially expected when in fact, groaning (silently) in the realisation that the first part of my day is not even nearly over…consequently my mind overdrives into fantasy and I imagine giant waspish tweezers plucking out my eyelashes…

A voice in the invisible distance (my inner voice although it could be you, dearest Reader) calls rather emphatically and in irritance “Get a new job, quit complaining already, everyone’s in the same boat!” … I am trying, quite hard in fact – fifteen applications submitted only yesterday: “Due to the high number of correspondence received…yada-yada-ya”…And if we are all in the same boat, pray tell me why are we not sinking, in fact, we are – there are more candidates than jobs available, oh Economic Downturn, Spoiler of Careers, hear ye hear ye…

I am trying, in earnest, to find a new position – it is a deathly process indeed rather cumbersome actually, however, perseverance is my middle name and consciously bypassing the similarity of completing an application to Harry Potter’s Death Eaters chewing the very air I breathe freezing my (previously fried) neurotic synapses into inescapeable numbness (madness?)

*snaps out of it*

Think happy thoughts and Mr Karmeleon will distribute rewards aplenty…

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