Blue Suede Shoes

My day was blessed by the full length mirror I accidentally smashed into smithereens yesterday afternoon.

In an effort to try and be on time for work, I hurriedly threw on my sapphire blue suede heels and my dark blue 60’s lacy dress with back button detail which I should probably wear on a ‘works’ evening out rather than for day office attire but at this current moment, I really couldn’t give a sugar frosted frenzy of expletives considering I had all of seven minutes to reach the bus terminal.

My soldier march to reach said terminal saw me trip over a flatly paved footpath which sent me unbalanced, with a rather loud “oooh” flailing in a generally diagonal direction for the longest and furthest three metres of my life. It was a plain miracle I did not land on my backside and God only knows how I re-established some semblance of balance in an attempt to walk even quicker away from the situation, as if departing the criminal area with haste erases the spirit of my being and the event from the vision and memory of the onlookers. Fantastic start to the day. Just fabulous.

Oh great. And now it’s raining. My umberella is happily lying underneath the shards of glass on my carpet, oh to be that umberella, still, lifeless, and inanimate.

Having had no time to apply any kind of skincare routine infront of the broken mirror in my bedroom, I proceed to using my touchscreen handset as a mirror whilst I apply illuminating bronzer, gold kohl and mascara in an effort to make myself somewhat resemble a near-relative of the current homosapien species of human civilisation – the onlookers at the bus terminal thoroughly observe me and I pretend routine ignorance as if this is just another normal everyday occurance.

The journey to work is dreamy as I drown out the noise of the engine with the bass-booster of my ipod earphones, hurtling towards a space I do not wish to enter…suddenly I am inside the covert operation that is the epitome of an office laced with librarian silence, laptop screens fade in and out of my vision, I stare and wonder thus at the utterly overwhelming feeling of fulfilment waiting to burst forth from the inner being of my brain.

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