like a dead bunny

i feel so guilty
but it was you
that did me so
everyone says
what goes around
comes around
but there is still
a place in my heart
that no one else
will occupy
but you

i feel like a snitch
traitor grass
telling them
secrets that
have been kept
for so long
as i’m not strong
enough to
deny the truth
i wish i could
save you now

i am helping
the nails
penetrate and
break your
weak but strong
mahogany heart
i can see your eyes
like a rabbit in
wide with fear
twinkle of light

in dilating pupils
glazing over
your heart beating
loud like a drum
thoughts a
hundred miles an hour
in your mind
thinking God
what has she done
i apologise in advance
i’ve no idea how
to warn you

it’s funny
how i dreamed this
would happen
but never did
i think it would
actually be true
what do i do?
corners are cornerous
places to escape
without being
seen to struggle
you of all people
should know

it’s 22 catch-point
red pill or blue
black or white
labrynth of
a lost maze
blind to the dark
grey doesn’t
matter though
i was trapped
and i had no
right angle
left to go

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