i remember,
i know, how you smell
just inside of your neck
on your chest, your jaw
i close my eyes and
drown in your fragrance

i remember,
i know how your stubble
feels sexy, rough, prickly
against my skin
and how your breathing
relaxes, when you’re
in my arms

i remember,
i know how your eyelashes
brush against my cheeks
your face lights up
when you smile
you close your eyes

i remember,
i know when i’m kissing
your abs, veins raise up
on your arms
biceps feel tort
when you’re holding
me down

i remember,
i know how we giggle
and laugh when we playfight
lying in your arms
cuddled tight against
your chest

i remember,
i know if you’re too hot
when you’re sleeping
you rest your hand
on my hand just
so you still stay
touching me

i remember,
i know how we weave
and twist and wind
our legs and feet
around each others
when we are sleeping

i remember,
i know your skin is on fire
and you still hold me
like i’m your
whole world
i miss your everything
i wish you were here

10 thoughts on “drowning

  1. it did inspire me thank you, though how my new post will cheer you up i don’t know, i haven’t had a chance to sit down and write for ages it feels like, i’m so glad someone misses my weird words.


    1. hehe :):)
      i think i should have read this post before commenting on your new poem, but hey, what’s done is done. ;)

      and i’m sure other people miss your poems too – they’re just afraid to say it :P



  2. Just happened to stumble into your blog and read your poem, glad I did – thought you did a terrific job showing how the best moments now can cause the worst pain in the future, but they are so worth it!


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