Stupid Girl

He’s such a darling sweetheart
Of course he will buy you presents
He always comes ready with a
Bunch of flowers and an innocent kiss
Gives you spending money
For holidays in Paris.
Spends money, buys you
Countless gifts, because
You are his.

Stupid girl.
You are refusing him satisfaction
In lust, so he presents you with
Objects of his affection
As substitution
– for the tool he is –
For that which he wishes
To ravish you

He’s played innocent and guilty,
Blinded lucky number seven,
To my knowledge – he likes the exclusive.
Burns his wrist to prove his love
God only knows his next trick.
Blue diamonds in
Your hand, you accept.
And then he is

Stupid girl.
You will believe him, his charm,
Fall into his smile and drown
In his hands when he touches your
Cheek. Poppy-eyed in the millions
Of happy wishful pipe-dreams.
Flipside, realside, hand to mouth
Pennies, living like a dog.

Convoluted, misinformed,
Betrayed betrothals already exist.
Counterfeit promises and explanations
You would repulse in shock,
He won’t give up until you give in
He will twist your mind and persist.
But if only you knew his
Heart of rot, if only you could

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