Last Night

You’re a star.
Like a comet or one that stays in the sky forever?
One that stays in the sky forever?
It was a trick question;
Shooting star; fleeting; temporary;
Catch her like a butterfly.
Forever star; unobtainable, far;
Shines bright against cobalt clouds;
That makes for the sparkle.
Is this why women are complicated?
You had a question for me when we were in the car,
But then as usual you decided not to share.
True as my words, I remember the question,
But true to form, I won’t ask the question.
I can’t share with you.
Why are you not allowed to share?
I don’t remember there being any rules?
Rules are magic and appear only for you, apparently.
Secrets, secrets, secrets, frustrating.
Tease! What sweet would I get in return for a secret?
My lips are sealed.
Such a picture of innocence.
I’ll tell you in maybe ten hundred days.
Patience of a saint?
Please, please, pretty please?
You’ve proved me right by your wrongs
So many times, I know it’s not coming,
So there is no need for you to pretend.
If your words, were ever
An incentive to prove you wrong…
The rules were not broken,
No need to forgive you,
There’s nothing to forgive.
And that to-do list will stay
In the back of my mind.
It’s getting serious; the deal is
We aren’t supposed to discuss things
That are overtly flirtatious or suggestive;
That could lead to the aforementioned developments.
It is no longer permitted on the agenda.
I won’t be discussing it with anyone,
It’s one for me, and me only.
I think we both know which option I was referring to Miss X.
The right thing is always the hardest thing,
Often the opposite of what you want.
Nothing is ever simple.

She’s inside his head,
She’s got inside his head.

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