How can I cure you?
I’m beginning to follow…
I’m going to have to get out there,
And find some butterflies for you;
Glittering; turquoise; indigo; gold.
I’ll try my very best with the butterfly
– hold on –
Wouldn’t I harm it?
If I was to catch it?

Can I just say something?
Before I take it back
And dare breathe a word
You’ve given me enough
Butterflies already,
You really don’t need to give me anymore,
Even if they’re magical or glittery.
Plus you might do more damage
Trying to catch one for me.

This is between you and me,
I promise!
And that’s a promise I will keep!
No more butterflies.
I’m stumped:
In my mind the only two options,
For me to make them go away:
Ignorance is bliss;
And the other…

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