Miss X

I like that, I like that a lot
You say, speaking in riddles,
For most of the day.
Edging on the dangerous,

Tip-toeing on egg shell
Online chalk lines.
But you remain inbetween,
Safe, stay.

You remain in tact.
Wearing your mask,
Not really giving yourself

Lucky number 4,
I promise tomorrow
And tomorrow and tomorrow
How about you promise me something today?

Holding your gaze.
Sipping dune bugs,
Slipping cubes of ice,
Falling by the way.

Unbuttoned buttons,
I drown in your eyes,
You give me butterflies
I want to say.

But you just flirt, and play.
Keeping your distance.
But you can’t / won’t / don’t
Read between the lines.

My question;
My reflection;
My conviction;
My affliction;

It’s just good chat Miss X.

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