Period Pains

I feel like I’m pregnant, so bloated and fat
Every part of my body is tender and boys can’t understand that
PMT they use for any excuse to take the piss
Unbeknowing to the truth; just because they’re rejected from a kiss
PMT occurs before the female ‘comes on’
Or for you dopes, before we start to bleed and no longer want to be turned on
My stomach aches with a relentless paralysing pain
I wish I could cut the whole menstrual system out of me: it drives me insane
I don’t even want to have kids yet and I don’t even have sex
So what is the use of having periods? Some kind of test?
Sticky icky blood, sometimes not even red
Blotchy cotchy clots from the uterus led
An unfertilised egg sitting dead on the towel
It used to carry genes but now smells so foul
What a life: being a girl
Unwanted protection: wanting the world
Lying on my stomach still feeling the hurt
Of Brazil losing three nil in the World Bloody Cup
Feeling so cold, nothing is warm
Please don’t touch me, stay out of my dorm
Anticipating another week of bleeding away
I’ve found another meaning for ‘Bloody Sunday’
So don’t come near me: people leave me alone
I’ll kill you with my moodiness and my moans –
Ouch, my stomach keeps beating my insides with hate
Because the Y chromosome decided my sex and called it fate
Trying to find the heat, deciding I need the loo
Hurting my swollen body, I don’t know what to do:
Lie down, on my back or my front or sit up
Nothing is comfortable, waiting for the clump
Boys boys boys, you simply cannot comprehend
Flowers, charm and niceness don’t bring periods to an end
My stomach is wrenching, I really can’t explain
The weather makes it worse with the cold and the rain
In the middle of July meaning to be summer’s hottest days
And I’m on my period – joy – trying to ignore my insides are ablaze
With pain pretending I feel nothing and everything is cool
When all I want is to be floating in some swimming pool
Or in a bubble bath, or Jacuzzi: wow
So I’ll go to sleep and dream. Ow.
Itching bloody *****: pubic bloody hair
I wish I was eight when I hadn’t anything anywhere!

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