Rushes of introspection
Edge of prayer

Prostrating, forlorn
Hopeless tears


Trample on my broken heart
Crush the velvet of my soul,

Rip the silken ribbons
Frayed threads of gold.

Interlacing sequins,
Fading mirrors to the world,

Missing true blue diamonds
Left out in the cold.

Forget every promise,
Cold palms break the ice.

Every Arabic word,
Maggots and woodlice.

Rotten heart of apples
Used to be fresh

To the core.
I am the result:

You are the cause.

2 thoughts on “Submission

  1. How well do I know these words, ‘I-only-ever-made-one-wish-I-wished-for-you’
    I have spoken them in silence, whispered them to the wind in the hope that she might deliver my longing to the ears of my deeper dream.


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