I don’t know what to do
Endless tears of resentment
And I get colder
My body lies
My expression
One of pain
Pools of blood
Gashes on my wrists
Pouring blood
Thick and red
I am lying dead

The monsoon storm
Rages with intense heat
Killing the light of the sun
To my mouth I am holding a gun
The noise pierces the silence
Leaving it eerie behind
No more thinking and seeing
My body blind
Pools of blood – red and thick –
The rumble of thunder,

Scared for it to be my body next to be found
Hidden in a shallow grave in loose ground
Floating in a canal all mouldy and green
Lying disfigured on the streets where I would have been
Sprawled across my bedroom floor after taking my drugs
Hanging from the ceiling receiving no hugs
In the depths of my mind and beyond
A corpse lying helpless sinking to the bottom of the pond
So many ways to die, which way will they choose
One way or another I am going to lose
My life.

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