The Truth

When I first met you
You blew me away
You gave everything up for me
Forever and a day
It seemed
I prayed to God
You would only be mine
But you lied and tricked me
It still hurts me inside
You promised
But I’ve just found out
That was a lie too
How much longer must I wait
What else must I do?
You can’t make a choice
You murder my soul
And the lump in my throat
Insanity driving my mind
Diamonds, gold, onyx
Melting like ice-cream
In your hands
You promised six months
Now you give it all away
Like salt in the wind
Lemon on flesh
You have no concept
You’re just all words
And reasons and thoughts
And explanations
Thirty days you miss me
For a walk in the rain
On a dusky evening
Disguising my pain
I thought this time
No broken promises
Take your ring
I return your gold
Your promises
Are better left untold
Sick to my heart
In love with you
More than you could
Ever know
But if you love me
Why do you leave me
By myself and

2 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. this is amazingly stunning beauty. I felt every word, I know that pain. I live it all day every day.


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