Tablet of Madness

Exhausted because I have been running for so long
And worn, because my eyes cannot cry anymore
Here I am, broken, abandoned with absence to own.

Dreams are my reality, they will never exist in yours
As my mind drifts onwards into an eternity
Of nothing, of nothing, of nothing.

My eyes grow tired from sleep, too tired to bear all the pain
Aching for forgiveness and the release from the burden of hell
The fireball reaches out and burns through me

Engulfing my soul, illuminating a faith lost to madness
Spirit leaves me breathless in a beat of a distant heart
When did it start?

I cannot piece together the thoughts I once had long ago
An eternity has passed while the heavens opened
Waiting, waiting, waiting for my turn to come.

The edge of paradise, as close to me as you were then
And the doors of protection now sealed for evermore
I should have listened and kept watch with you before.

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