Empty house. Empty room. Empty head.
Nothing is said.
I get thinking. Irritating things, thoughts.
But it’s all I do. Think. Endless dreams, mind courts.
Fantasy blurs. With reality. It can’t be true.
Streaming tears. Run down my face. What can I do?
Empty head. Empty heart. Empty soul.
Pitch black. Darkness. Suffocate. Me.
No light. Ever. Nothing is to be.
Danger. Danger. Silent sirens blaring in my head.
My life. Hangs. In the Balance. By a fraying thread.
A hug. A kiss. Two. Not one.
The candle burns out. He is gone.
Cold room. Cold night. Me. By myself. Alone.
Red red eyes. Crouched down on my own.
Empty soul. Empty heart. Empty head.
Empty house. Empty room. Death take me. Instead.
Empty body. Empty thoughts.
Cold. Just me. Dead.

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