song of a ghost

i was gazing into the skies and the stars spelled out your name
and suddenly i realised it was just my eyes playing games
and then i remembered that things were no longer the same
and i didnt have anybody upon whom i could lay the blame
i had departed into a world beyond which you could see
and all i am left with are my invisible dreams
drifting away into anonymous reveries
where only i seem to sorrowfully breathe

i am with you all the time holding you when you’re sad
trying to take away the pain trying to make you feel glad
but you dont hear the words and in the darkness you grow mad
and i am unable to show you my light from where you are clad
and i cannot make you see unable to make you understand
my love for you grows still from time before land
remember how i whispered to you your wish is my command
i am close and yet so far my promise still stands

but you wont listen to me or hear what i want to say
that i will always be here for you no matter what come what may
i will be with you throughout the night and see you through the day
in my arms is where i will protect you, permanent place to stay
but you drift onwards and awake into your unhappy gloom
you look straight through me when i am in the room
i brush your hair from your eyes floating in my tomb
wondering about the tiny toes sleeping in your womb

please remember your soul and spirit are golden and bright
you are keeping them dimmed through bitterness and spite
loneliness is blinding you my cold lips kiss you good night
i pray that you will fly high in the sky as free as a kite
holding on to my love dont let it slip through the grief
try to be strong and you must wholeheartedly believe
understand that you have so much more to give and receive
and that i am the one who is dead whilst you continue to live.

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