Never Say Never

Never say ‘babe’ or ‘honey’
if you don’t really care

Never talk about feelings
if they’re not really there

Never say ‘I love you’
if tomorrow you’re going to leave

Wishing I could be with you
each time I breathe

Never hold my hand
if you’re just going to let it go

Never make me high
if you’re going to make me low

Never look into my eyes
because you steal my soul

That’s how much I love you
if you didn’t already know

Never say you’re telling the truth
if you’re just going to lie

Never say ‘hi’
when you really mean ‘goodbye’

Never say ‘I’ve missed you’
while you’re kissing me deep

Because it breaks my heart,
you’re not with me when I sleep

Never say ‘you’re too much’
when I bear with you everyday

Missing your love,
craving for you to stay

Never say ‘forever’
because forever makes me cry

But if you really mean it,
then at least please really try.

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