Mindless Words

A star shinning burning bright against a background of a blurred black and blue. Identifying all the colours, feelings, the truth that is false and the lies that are true. The half invisible red clouds, race slowly past.  It’s the middle of the night, and the hours are fading fast. I long to be outside with the wind whirling against my face, imagining I’m floating – looking down on Earth from Space. To watch the clouds caressing the ceaseless colour of the sky, welcoming the clash of the ruby and sapphire collide, so low and so high. Time trickles recklessly onwards as the sky metamorphosises into a mirror showing me the world. Lasting impressions dying in seconds, anticipating it all.

Extinguishing the dull excitement instead investigating inspirational ideas, forgetting about my life for a minute and those notoriously fabulous fears, ignoring the lamenting language of love locked inside, trying to decipher the deafening silence and whispers disguised. The reflections refract from the shadowy figures beyond, here and there, laughing at worries that take me into despair. Sleep is needed like the dew falling on the grass at the creeping of dawn, and sometimes I wish to god I’d never been born.

The stars in the hellish heavens, overhead leaves choice and dictates, wondering whether life is full of chance or fortune or fate?  Wondering if every written word is already written and detailed, seeing that the world is ready to collapse and crumble, so fragile, so frail like a raindrop, roaring forth from the world above with energy and power and then murdered with the crash of thunder that rings stronger and louder. Where does it all lead? And what does it mean? When we can only believe in things we’ve only seen? Having faith in the invisible, in the essences that maybe aren’t really there? Confirmation waits in death and all the despair.

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