Love Is

Love is like a potion, concocted of stardust and gold
A feeling of serenity, a sensation that is bold,
Love is a world of imagination suddenly come true
That at one time or another, alone or together, we have travelled through
Love envelops the senses, nothing else exists to come close
To the intoxication that it creates and the strength that it boasts.

Love is to cherish, love is to trust, love is to always be there
Love is to argue, love is to cry, love is to be unfair
Love is constant, love is unconditional, love is to take the blame
Love is warm, love is kind, love is never the same;

Love is to heal, love is to protect, love is to inspire and compel
Love is honesty, love is truth, love is an unbroken spell
Love is to wound, love is to scare, love is to capture the heart and soul
Love is purity, love is calm, love is to be caught if you fall;

Love is harsh, love is punishing, love is to cause hurt and sorrow and pain
Love is cold, love is separate, love is to never to be loved back or to ever love again
Love is raw, love is savage, love is to give in to the weakness of the mind
Love is everything, love is nothing, love is to be heartless and blind;

Love is vulnerability and affection, love is to be needed and held,
Love is an endless list of definitions cast out of a million different spells,
Love is a thousand meanings of which these are just a few,
Only for me there is one: Love is You.

6 thoughts on “Love Is

  1. Wow, you’re amazing! That was awesome! I was thinking, if you do find yourself that fella you’re on the lookout for, couldn’t ask if he has a gay male family member who’s also free and every bit as decent and loving could ya? xx


  2. As gentle as the morning air
    and consistent as the setting sun.
    A kindred love is always there
    Predestined to the other ones.

    beautiful poem ~ love simply “is”


    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment, I wanted to encompass everything that love is, not just through love-tinted glasses, love is hard work in a world where it doesn’t seem to matter too much anymore, which is really sad.


  3. this made me tear up.. beautiful.. and true.. too many things that Love could be, different for all, yet encompasses all of your meanings and many other peoples.. you’re right when you say you’ve written just a few.. it’s hard to pinpoint what love is.. because it encompasses everything we are about and what we do… and what we believe..

    thank you for this


    1. This poem is in the depths of the archives, it’s funny how it keeps being found. Thank you for reading and engaging, there is a dark and a bright side to every beautiful thing.


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