I Love You

What is love? I still don’t know
Give me a definition and I’ll let myself go

Is it when someone makes you cry laugh and smile?
Is it someone you adore being with all the while?
Is it when you’re with him not wanting him to leave?
Is it wondering if he died, how would you breathe?
Is it hoping that the two of you together will never end?

Knowing that you are the perfect combination and blend
To achieve anything and everything as long as you’re together?
Hiding what you’re really feeling dismissing it as ‘whatever’?
Afraid to speak out, being too deep and emotional, avoiding what’s really on your mind?
Searching for the words or actions with meaning but unable to find
The right time, the right mood, surroundings and atmosphere

Is it wanting to be with him when he’s nowhere near?
Is it thinking how to explain to him what you’re feeling inside?
Is it when he’s holding you close and reassuringly after you cried?
Is it when you think of him you feel like a child with butterflies?
Is it wondering if you can see his soul when you gaze into his eyes?

Or maybe it’s when you find yourself being gullible when he says ‘please’?
And he opens you up with the same effort but with more ease?
Or could it be when you hear yourself thinking or saying what he would say?
Wishing you could be with him, missing him more everyday?
Thinking about his conversations, knowing them word for word
Listening to his heartbeat, not wanting him to be hurt

Is it valuing his opinion of what you may or may not do?
Is it thinking how you much need him and that you’d never be cruel?
Is it wanting his happiness never wanting him to be down?
Is it knowing you can be there for him, not to let him drown?
Is it wishing he would share his worries so you could try and help him out?

Because isn’t that what relationships are all about?
Not knowing when you’re seeing him next, does it drive you insane?
Sharing the rough with the smooth, at the same time sharing the blame?
Working through difficulties, overcoming the worst
Letting go of resentment and forgetting the hurt
Because what lies ahead is only the start

Is it anticipating his touch, and keeping him safe in your heart?
Is it being able to trust him with your life and to believe in his promises?
Is it aching to be with him and wishing he has the same wishes?
Is it not needing confirmation that he cares for you the most?
Is it wondering if he’s thinking about you while you’re with just his ghost?

If and only if, everything of the above
Is the answer to my first question ‘What is Love?’
Then maybe I’ll confess to him, when he asks me out of the blue
That I love him – and that I really think I do –
But if love is anything else, if it’s anything more
Then we still have more to give and there’s time enough to explore
But after all of this, after trying to make myself see;
The question on my lips is – do you love me?

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