Broken hearts bleed forever like the stars shining on a clear night sky, and memories haunt my mind forever giving me an eternal supply of images of us, forever, when we were one and true, and now I miss your friendship, forever missing you. You were always there when I needed you, forever to hold my hand, you were the only one who knew me, who would always understand. You led me into your heaven, forever, where I was safe and able to sleep, wishing you could be mine forever, alone for me to keep. Resting upon your shoulder forever, wondering if it was real, feelings so perfect and natural, my broken heart will never heal.

Remembering the light in your eyes and the sunshine in your hair, promising with your heart and soul to be patient and to always be there, my eyelids delicately poised to dream and your voice forever whispers goodbye. Truly believing in your every word asking me to please not cry, and I rush into a mixture of thoughts forever, first there was two and now there’s one, love stories always have unhappy endings: the boy has left and gone.

If only time could be reversed forever, and frozen in a frame and I could live in it forever, you and me would stay the same. In your glowing warmth and love so pure, forever I wish I could bathe, maybe we should have believed? Forever kept the faith? But time is lost and past forgotten and alas I am no longer yours, broken hearts bleed forever and I’m left alone at the ocean’s shores.

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