A dark haired stranger rode away from the desert land
Returning home to claim his destiny, the love he understands.
Tired from the journey through the hazardous blizzard of flakes
His heavy body leaned towards the bed for his dreams to make
He pulled the covers close, in the darkness he was blind
And the flickering shadows disappeared into his mind.

She sat combing her long dark curls, rocking in her chair
Drying her eyes, weeping for the love that was unfair
Glancing out of her window, numbed by the coldness of the snow
Wishing the ache away from her body that felt so tired and low

He lay as if asleep upon his pillow; crisp, fresh and soft
Dreams drifted into slumber as his present-life he forgot
Knowing his search had nearly come to an end
But would he find it easy, or his choices defend?

The logs on her fire burnt to cinders and ash, diminishing with the flames
While through so much time, she was claiming the blame
Wanting to be with her beloved, no longer with dishonour in her name
As she thought about the old photograph in the old leather frame

His dreams were deep, but he was startled and suddenly he was awake
And he wiped the cold beads of sweat from his forehead while he tried not to shake
Hoping he wasn’t too late;
Watching the moon through the window, glimmering on the lake.

Closing the door quietly, gracefully strolling into the calm of night
Her crystal slippers sunk deep into the delicate white
Bewitched by the magic of the moon’s beckoning light
Scared by the torment of her second-sight

Something kept him awake, his eyes would not sleep
Calling for destiny to come to him and speak
He re-lit his candle and set logs on his dying fire
The embers glowing orange, the flames slicking higher.

Her locks glittered with stars in the consuming gloom
Making her way towards the lake and the moon
Cautious for the silence of her steps in the snow
In the morning, her trace would be hidden and nobody would know

Noises in the dark outside, he became still and alert
As he slowly drew the gun from the underneath of his shirt
He heard the crunching of snow, once and then twice
The moon looked slowly on, he saw her in the light.

She paused at the edge. At the edge of frozen ice
The moon carefully clawed through the cloud in the sky
In the blink of an eye she was gone, was she his dream?
As the crystal slippers caught the light of a real moonbeam…

He ran to reach out and catch her, before she fell to the snow
Wishing he could have saved her years ago
He tried to rescue her from the freezing lake.
Too late.

Her hair became tangled, heavy and wet
She dreamed her dark-haired prince had called for help
She thought she had at last found heaven in his arms
She was calm.

Her beauty still stunned him, no word to explain
Her curls wrapped around her throat, again and again
His dark princess, beautiful forever
The touch of her skin, cold and soft like a feather
The kiss, like snow, gently falling to the ground
The bottom of the lake, he also found.

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