Cruel Life

I happened to glance at my image in your eyes and I could see that I was crying
As I tried to feel for your pulse I could see that you were dying
Squeezing your hand, not wanting to let go
You mouthed ‘I love you’ and I sobbed ‘I know’
It’s not allowed, you can’t leave me now, not ever
As you lie here in my arms with no more moments of being together
You close your eyes for an instant as you try to fall asleep
‘I can’t leave you, you’re meant to be mine to keep’
I shake you gently hoping you’ll awake to see
My bright red eyes and teary face, ‘you’re the only one for me’
Sobbing louder because I can see that you’ve slipped away
Losing control ‘Please try to stay’
As your head falls gently into my lap
Whispering ‘You’re the hidden treasure on my pirate map’
I brush away the hair from your eyes and I rest against your cheek
I cry for the irony because you’re still warm but my life is so cold and bleak
‘You can’t be gone’ I shout to the emptiness but you lie there still
In my arms like a sleeping babe, my angel, the void will never be filled
A wound that can’t be healed
Romeo and Juliet, my fate has been sealed…

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