No more tears, not for you
I won’t cry anymore for the love I’ve lost
I won’t cry for the empty, heavy feeling in my heart
I won’t cry anymore, no, not for you.

Take away the pain I bear
You’ll never know how much
Reality is here and you are not
Away with another, someone else’s touch

All your words I’ve heard before
Believing you’re someone you’re not
Incomprehensible future,
Monsters in an ink blot

I wish to be calm and serene and brave
I want to be strong inside my mind again
When did I lose the strength in my soul?
How is it my heart feels like a vacuum of holes?

From where do I banish the weakness within?
When did I give in to a life of cruel, cold sin?
Why did I lose the innocence of youth?
How am I to dismiss these memories uncouth?

Despair and loneliness, where to next?
Where is my angel who kept~keeps me blessed?
Protected from harm, away from the world
Defending my mind from being twisted and whirled

I can’t go back to how I was before
Older, wiser, supposedly more secure
Articulate my thoughts, verbal, for a change
And see what it is through these years I’ve gained

That we’re no longer the same?
Just needing that bit of empathy,
That little bit of grace.
Let me be at peace,
This has all gone your way…

Wishing I could think out-loud,
My thoughts to you to say.

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