The Bride

Sits on her bed.
Teardrops blot
her wedding dress,

rivers of gold
lie naked
on henna hands.

Reflections of
a stranger’s face.
Perfection misplaced.

Shimmering diamonds,
crystals in stone,
break the mould.

I changed my mind
the girl with honey eyes.

4 thoughts on “The Bride

  1. thank you :-) those are exactly the elements i was trying to get across!! and yes, it’s all the gold bangles that are the rivers of gold, the imagery is working! lol!


  2. Absolute beauty! Relating ‘bracelet’ to ‘river of gold’ was esp. brilliant! The way u’ve described a bride ,suggests u r Asian!Isn’t it? anyways, i cudnt get the last line “i changed my mind” cud u help me understand.


  3. sorry for the late response, and thank you and yes. the last line kind of has two meanings, i was thinking it could be an arranged married and finally the bride got the strength to not go ahead so she’s changed her mind and doesn’t want to get married anymore, and then the second meaning was more personal in that if i ever get to that stage i will probably be scared of committing the rest of my life to one person so im scared i will change my mind at the last minute and not go through with the wedding…..


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