Sometimes I have to travel miles
to lock myself off from the world
sometimes I can make absent
my thoughts in a second

but if the same thoughts return
then they weren’t really forgotten
and even if I travel to the ends of the earth
the same recurring thoughts

still persist, am I trapped in a world
where I am my own limitation?
spontaneous and passionate
instead listless and dull

no more glitter and gold
just bland black emptiness
boundaries are there to be crossed
but self-made boundaries are torturous

self doubt and paranoia, insomnia
and then too much sleep without dreams
when will my tired eyes surrender?

2 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Excellent! Sometimes I’m perfectly happy with my lot and at other times, I wish I could leap out of my body, my life and be somewhere else, someone else. It’s finding that balance between one extreme and another. I don’t think I’ve mastered that yet.


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