Poison Ivy

Time waits for no-one
Everyday it passes me by
Self doubting thoughts and actions
And the tears that I cry
Wake up and smell the coffee
“You’ll only end up alone”
I don’t know why I’m here
Switching off my phone.

Can’t wait anymore, I’m exhausted
Every word is a lie
Poison in my heart
And more tears to cry.
Wish you would just leave
You are draining me
A blank space located
Where – I – used to be.

I remember the beginning
You used to be my sky
No longer enough
To prevent my tears crying.
Your promises are broken
As soon as you verbalise intent
I don’t know why you try
It doesn’t make any sense.

Months turn into years
Trapped every time
Patience is a virtue
But not when my life isn’t mine
Tears blot the carbon
Etched in dead trees
Time will rot the senses
You lost me.

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