Your contemptuous eyes
reduce me to tears
and I cease to exist.

Framed tender stills
caught in smiling moments
lost in time
to dreams I can only reminisce.

Your diamond daggered tongue
cuts and slices me in places
you’ve never seen.

Silvered arabic words
cannot create memories
or remind me of
places I’ve never been.

Your calm open hand
is so quick to bruise
my broken skin.

Rainbows fading to black
from Adam to Lucifer
you are my fallen angel
with clipped golden wings.

3 thoughts on “Lucifer

  1. thank you, i think this is one of my all time favourites, edited it so much to make it as succint as possible!


  2. i think ‘lucifer’ has crossed both our paths .. your words resonate deeply with my soul – quite touching :)


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