“I’m fine”

Sticky tears and fingerprints
peel off the day and hide it

Tempestuous minutes of
relentless bullshit can’t let go
of my brain

Thinking of sleepless dreams
For what purpose am I
even here

Who are you to run things
To dictate how I feel debiting love
in arrears

It’s all so precious to you
Everything is so precious to you
but me

How can I go on knowing this
Leopard will never change its

Always give you the benefit of
Doubt, I’m always giving you one
last chance

Expectations and broken words
Forgetting my errands and magic

Eternal fairy godmother
But I just want to be

Spit of dog roast in hell
Are you worth all the

And pain and anger and hurt
and confusion and misconstrued

Resentment and unforgiving
and dishonesty and dishonour

A spiral of tangles and mess and the
Only constant you give me is how you

Me each second of every day of my life
You promised me bliss and heaven and

You’ve given me nothing but
emptiness and lies, a grave of a silent

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