At the Feet of Love

lead me along a garden path
the smell of
forbidden fruits
holding my breath

the gods gaze on
touching upon boundaries
ripped to shreds

skin against dust
the courtyard was cold
darkness offering
no defence

welcoming submission
asking forgiveness
at the feet
of love

I tried
kneeling before Him

sinking into the pool
of twenty-six waxing candles
burning down
black stems dead

chlorine stings
the twenty-six thousand
salty tears I tried
to wash away

drowning in the
taste of bitter sweet
love hate memories
and words

staining angel eyes red
collapsing life hanging
by a single thread
of a silken spider’s web

9 thoughts on “At the Feet of Love

  1. i’ve only been here a day and had lovely feedback, it gives me hope that i’m writing for therapy as well as connecting with others!! thank you is all you will here me say! all my poetry tends to descend into darkness, there’s one all about sunshine and hope and then ends abruptly lol.


  2. ah-mazing images. i recognize your style i use the same one… i think that the poems you write express yourself. great stuff. write more cuz i’ll be watching for them. :)


  3. I discovered your site last night, I read and experienced each and every poem with my heart and sole until my eyes could no longer take the strain and my soul was saturated beyond compare.

    You brought the breath of the one that fills every conceivable part of my being to my doorstep. Yes, I realize it is probably circumstantial, but never the less, I am truly grateful for the privilege.


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